Questionnaire on ecological status of coastal waters in Northwest Pacific Region

TIPS: We have summarized the influencing factors of marine environment that can be put forward, as shown in the table below. Firstly, we divide the marine environmental impact factors into five categories according to different fields. Subsequently, the project and factors are further divided. Experts from various countries and representatives of various agencies need to hook up for projects that they believe should be added to the future marine environmental data survey activities in the Northwest Pacific Region. If you don't think it is necessary to investigate this indicator, draw a fork in remark. At the end of the questionnaire, please fill in some questions about the future development direction and research field of the DINRAC.
Category Project Index
Name Remark Name Remark Name Remark
The vitality of coastal marine ecosystem Water quantity Variation trend of main estuaries in recent five years
Water quality Water quality change trend of main estuaries in recent five years
Variation trend of water quality in coastal waters in recent five years
Basic information of inshore Basin Change degree of main estuaries in recent five years
Change degree of coastal zone in recent five years
Changes of natural land cover in coastal areas in recent five years
Near shore biodiversity Number and species changes of coastal species of concern (including endangered species, key protected species, etc.) in recent five years
Changes in the number and species of alien and harmful species in coastal waters in recent five years
Coastal ecosystem services Supply Food supply capacity (including fishing and mariculture) in coastal waters
Supply capacity of natural products (non food marine resources) in coastal waters
Fishing opportunities for traditional fishermen
Regulation and support Variation trend of sediment content in important estuaries in recent five years
Coastal protection
Coastal livelihood and economy
Carbon sink (the ability to absorb and store carbon in coastal waters)
Culture Tourism and leisure
A sense of belonging to the sea
Coastal area management and stakeholders Enabling environment Formulation of management planning, policies and regulations of coastal waters
Incentive and supervision of inshore sea area management
Coastal area management and monitoring capability
Financial capacity of coastal area management
Technical capability of coastal area management
Stakeholder engagement Information acquisition of coastal area management
Participation in decision making process of coastal area management
Effectiveness Implementation and compliance of plans, policies and regulations related to coastal area management
Benefit distribution of coastal sea resources
Resolution of conflicts related to coastal waters
Climate adaptability of coastal cities Economic and social development Per capita GDP (10000 yuan)
Proportion of tertiary industry
Aging degree
Natural resource endowment Greening rate of trees
Air quality composite index
Technical adaptability Water resources consumption per 10000 yuan GDP( m3 )
Energy consumption per 10000 yuan GDP (tons of standard coal)
Recovery and utilization rate of sewage
Rainwater storage capacity per capita( m3 )
Risk defense capability Comprehensive risk management capability
Proportion of environmental protection expenditure in financial expenditure
Number of disaster reduction communities owned by 10000 people
Climate adaptability of coastal ecosystem (mainly mangrove) Biological community and structure Naturalness
Ecological sequence integrity
Plant diversity
Bird diversity
Diversity of benthos
Soil and water environment Soil salinity
Comprehensive index of water pollution
Nutritional status quality index
External threat and interference Wetland degradation rate
Wetland reclamation rate
Tourist volume
Construction rate of seawall
Bio-Safety Alien invasive species
Invasion area of alien species
Species of diseases and insect pests
Area damaged by diseases and insect pests
Investigation on the future work policy and data demand of ecological environment in Northwest Pacific Region
1)Is NOWPAP DINRAC sufficiently responsive to member States needs and demands?
2)Is the above questionnaire on the ecological status of coastal waters in the Northwest Pacific region perfect? If you have different opinions, please raise them.
3)In terms of international cooperation in the Northwest Pacific, what do you think needs to be improved? How to strengthen international cooperation in the future.